Enjoy Life with A Brave Heart

    Most of us enjoy shopping, spending money on the things we want. Someone said that “Your life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you can spend it only once.” So we should spend it wisely.
    But before “spend” it, we should ask ourselves what is the thing we really want? This is a difficult question for all of us. Actually some people go thorough life and they never stop to think about the purpose of their lives, they are driven by the “urgent”. Even though someone finds out the desires of their hearts, it is not easy for them to make their dreams come true. Few of them can stick to the plans they once make. However, when some of them do realize their dreams eventually, they may find that the things don’t quite turn out the way they expected. Although sometimes the unexpected is better than the real dream, we still may feel a little disappointed. This makes finding the purpose for one’s life even more difficult. We should be prepared for it.
    Well. Living the dream itself is the happiest thing, I think. And besides the things which we are most passionate about, we also should find some simple pleasures that can bring smile or joy to us.
    Find something we enjoy and take time to do it on a regular basis.
    Life will be much more meaningful if we can find the purpose of it.
    Life also will be happier if we can really enjoy it.

    Here comes to the point of today's blog.  Prof. Marukawa Tomoo has designs on taking my "coin" and driving my life to distractions.  Hs harassment wasted several years of my life which is so precious that nothing can compensate for it.  But I still have my "coin" within my hand.   I won't be compelled to give up. 

    Have an inner fortitude and holding out to the last!